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Montessori School in Edgewater, FL

Finding a proper school for your child can be challenging. The school they go to can shape their future. This is why you should consider a Montessori school for the best education a child can have. Little Explorers Montessori offers the best private education in Edgewater utilizing the Montessori Method.

The Montessori Method views a child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge. They’ll be able to initiate learning and given a supportive, thoughtfully prepared environment. Multi-age groupings make collaborating between peers a guided choice. They’re uninterrupted and will be able to work in their own freedom. Guidance should be guidance, not forced lecture.

Montessori School

We offer everything from toddler daycare all the way up through elementary school. This allows us to continue from a private preschool program straight into elementary school with readiness and preparation from a similar learning style. Our innovative style has allowed us to be the best private elementary school in Edgewater.

We encourage independence and will give your child the most holistic learning experience. Contact Little Explorers Montessori in Edgewater, FL today for the next step in your child’s education.

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